In 2021, Ghanaian Students Took On The World With Their Tenacity: These Are Their Stories From Abroad

(L-R): Nana Ama Gyamfua Gyamfi, Hillary Seyram E. Agbattor, Jennifer Asiedua Ansah

Studying abroad is one of the things that a lot of Ghanaian university students aspire to; either through year abroad programs or for their post-graduate degrees. However, there are certain nuances to studying in an entirely different country that can only be appreciated through a first-hand experience or by hearing about it from another Ghanaian perspective. These are some of the most fascinating stories from 2021 covering the highs and lows of studying abroad as a Ghanaian.

The Exchange Tales: Vanessa Nana Ofosua Shares Her Experiences Living And Studying In China Amid COVID-19

The Exchange Tales: Sylvia Gamba On Adapting To Tanzanian Lifestyle And Academic System

The Exchange Tales: Oluwabunmi Amosu On Her First Year As A Graduate Student In Canada

The Exchange Tales: Ivy Mintah Shares Why Her Year In France Is The Culture Adventure She Never Expected

The Exchange Tales: Pascal Kofi Adjesu On His Year Living And Studying In Togo

The Exchange Tales: Totime Matteo On His Year Living And Studying In Spain

The Exchange Tales: Three UG Students Share Their Experiences Living And Studying In Spain



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