2021: In Pursuit of Originality And A Year Of Great Learning

At the start of 2021, we laid out a specific approach to our mission for the year; what we wanted to see more of, what content approaches to be readjusted and where we wanted to be by the end of the year. 

But first, a brief introduction. My name is Delali Quarshie and since September 2020, I’ve had the pleasure of being the Editor-In-Chief for Kuulpeeps.com. Leading a platform as unique as this is, dare I say, one of the most exciting and challenging things I have done in my career in media and it has been a thrill so far. Every day is a new beginning, no one day is the same and working with our HQ team and campus network has opened up many opportunities to understand my generation and the next even better.

In 2021, we knew we wanted to begin exploring other ways to expand our content creation and also delve into different storytelling angles. 

So we took our first risk in March, when we shut down the website for two weeks to recategorize our verticals to what you see today. It was a bold approach; one we understood in terms of what the numbers lost during the downtime would mean for our website, but it paid off. 

When we opened up the website again, with our new categories on display and our new content direction in full swing, we hit Top 50 websites in Ghana in less than a month! It was a startling feeling, knowing we could reach such milestones in such a short time, with a clear editorial direction. 

Throughout out the year, we stuck to our new mission, telling the news from the lens of the students we connect to, sharing the stories of the students and young people who are branching out into alternative ventures and making a name for themselves with our Made On Campus feature, which we have now expanded into a video series debuting in early 2022. We held our first writing challenge and crowned a Listicle Master, Tawiah Mensah, who beyond winning the cash prize, also joined our team as a contributing writer, another of the team expansions we are most proud of. 

These contests are part of our overarching agenda: to become the one of a kind media platform that lives and breathes content made for young Ghanaians in school and beyond by their peers. And this is the vision we intend to carry through in our next exciting projects in the new year. 

Of course, every year comes with goodbyes and hellos, and this year we said some goodbyes to teammates as we wished them all the best in their new journeys, just as we also welcomed new additions to the Kuulpeeps team, who we are excited to go on this wild crazy ride with.

And to crown our year, our exceptional team both in-house and our campus hub members, managed to cement themselves as one of the best highlights at the recently held Around The World Food and Drinks Festival, when we showed up and showed out at our Karaoke Booth all Christmas weekend, in partnership with Karaoke Kings and sponsored by Coca-Cola. We are talking about spectacular back to back to back Karaoke sessions, that at certain points, even took away attention from the main stage, and it was certainly one of our greatest memories of this year. 

Looking back, I will say, the year has been a learning map. At Kuulpeeps, we believe in the passion and vibrancy of today’s Ghanaian; one who is locked into pop culture, is determined to carve their own stage and wants to see themselves in the content they consume. So we remain rooted in our goal of discovering, celebrating and empowering the next generation of content creators. We want to tell stories about what it means to be a Gen Z/Millennial Ghanaian, living and surviving in Ghana or elsewhere. We want to understand the trending conversations and what you, our audience, think about it. 

So as we step into 2022, we welcome new, exciting and fresh projects and we are opening our doors to young, innovative and daring people who have a drive to be unconventional in their creative pursuits. And this starts with our campus network. Our Kuulpeeps teams across the various universities in Ghana including UENR, UG-Legon, UPSA, UEW, GIMPA, HTU, CUCG and KNUST are already among our growing ecosystem of talented young Ghanaians and we hope to expand further in 2022. 

And personally, I look forward to a year of more learning, more exploration and nonstop creativity. 



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