4 Ways To Make Sure That Your December Pay Stretches Into 2022

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We all love getting alerts on your phones that tell us money has dropped. However, in all the Christmas excitement it’s important to remember that January is actually the longest month of the year. If you end up going overboard with your Christmas spending and go broke, January is going to end up feeling like it’s 80 days long when it’s actually just 47 days. These 5 tips will help you colour within the lines and keep you from experiencing the notorious January money-drought.

Sell The Gifts You Don’t Want

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Yes, yes, this isn’t the prettiest thing, but if you want to survive January, you’re going to have to make some tough decisions. If you’ve gotten some gifts that you’re not too bent on keeping just sell them and get some extra cash in your pocket.

Just Plan A Little

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Taking your time to plan out your Christmas into the new year will save you so much more stress than the stress of taking a few minutes to draw up a budget. Put money down for gifts, your outings and everything else and see what you need to cut out in order to not go broke.

Buy Your Gifts Online

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If you go out trying to buy Christmas gifts you’re probably going to realize that things are more expensive around this time of the year than they usually are. On the other hand, most online stores end up having Christmas deals and you can get things online for cheaper.

Make Sure You Have Enough Sober Days

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Yes, Christmas is definitely a time to party all you want and get wasted a little here and there. But you should also remember that nobody makes good decisions when they’re intoxicated. Especially with money. Make sure you’re not partying too much, otherwise you’re going to lose touch and YOLO your entire December paycheck away.

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