Can’t Live With Them And Can’t Live Without Them: 5 Reasons Why We Hate WhatsApp Groups

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Group chats have more or less become a part of life. If you’re in school, there are several group chats that you can’t afford to not be part of because you might miss some important school stuff. Those aside, you also have the group chats with your friend group where all the gisting goes down. Whatever the case, the reasons that we hate group chats are universal.

You Go Offline For A Second And Miss 5 Seasons

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If you make the mistake of actually having a life and going offline, you’ll come back to realize that the group has over 10 fully-fleshed conversations. And just like missing 5 seasons of your favourite show, you won’t know what the hell anyone is talking about.

When They Won’t Let You Leave

Some group chats are like cults. You can definitely join them, but there’s no way they’re letting you leave. You’ll try and exit the group only to realize that someone added you again. The best you can do is mute these group chats, but then you’re also going to miss people calling you out and possibly disrespecting you for not joining conversations.

So Many Links For Different Scams

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Another thing that happens in group chats is that some people believe that they’re going to win some iPhones and laptops and whatever else simply by sharing a link. They’ll keep spamming the group with links until you open one ironically to prove that it’s fake only to have it freeze your whole phone.

Random People You Don’t Know From Groups Will Start Sending You Messages Privately

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If you’re unlucky enough to be a very beautiful person then group chats are going to be your worst nightmare. The funny part is that it doesn’t even matter what group chat it is. Whether it’s a school group chat or even a church group chat there is going to be someone that is thirsty enough to send that ‘hey, beautiful,’ text.

When Two People In The Group Start Having Weird Conversations Like They’re The Only People In The Group


When you’re in a group that you actually enjoy, the worst thing that can happen is when two of your group members start flirting right there in the middle of the classroom. And then everyone has to keep quiet until they come back to their senses.



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