How December Brings Back Its Nostalgic Moments

Christmas in Ghana

The month December. 

Take this as the nostalgic pov of an average Ghanaian young adult who grew up in suburban Ghana. 

December might be the best month on anybody’s calendar, well maybe one’s birth month tops it that but still December is something else.

The sheer thought that the year is coming to an end brings chills and chillings, literally. Apart from little or no rains due to December being in the dry season in our part of the world, it is pretty much chill. The love the month brings would actually put you in awe.

Just imagine your mother’s sister’s aunty coming back from who knows where in the name of the diaspora to give you money because she held you as a child. Sometimes it’s quite annoying but it also comes with the cash so that’s a W.  In Ghana, festivals are a huge thing considering the participation and enthusiasm, and Christmas is the best amongst them all.  

Right from 1st December, the festivities actually begin in most homes. We start binging on Feliz Navidad and jingle bells (indomie baby’s left the chat). GTV starts with their Home Alone sequels and then we start stealing coins for knockouts and fireworks.  

Not considering the present hardship we face in Ghana, most of us will be spending Christmas with the “Yebewu nti Yenda?” mindset because why not?

Another nice thing about December is; no matter how busy you are throughout the year when it’s December we all make time, gather around, make merry and exchange gifts….sometimes and that’s December in the eyes of a nostalgic young adult. 

Feliz Navidad 🎄🎉❤️

By: Shantel Esi Ayepah


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