Why Most Of Us Don’t Feel The December Breeze Just Yet

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Peeps, y’all should come around, let’s analyze something real quick.

Consider this timeline: 2006 – 2008, Ghana has qualified for our first world cup appearance. The total eclipse of the sun has also happened in Ghana, Gen Zs are around 5/6/7/8 years old. Ghana has just hosted the AFCON too.

We are all also gradually getting acquainted with the new cedi notes.

Ghana ay3 d3d33d3 (in Akua Donkor’s). Ask any Ghanaian and they will tell you those were the best times of their lives. Those were the times Christmas could start from November.

Fast forward 2020/21; the whole world is recovering from COVID-19, sort of.  Ghana might not qualify for the world cup. There’s been an introduction of E–levy, we are all regretting not voting for Akua Donkor, we are in the middle of December and we are not hearing anything Xmas bonanza.

Yes, we see that you’re pondering over it. You gerrit?

So why are we not feeling Christmas this year?

This might be because we are all old enough to feel the hardships of the system and so we are focused on making money rather than waiting on Christmas celebrations. 

Gen Zs are now around the ages of 20/21/22 and are getting to the realization that Ghana is a very hard place to thrive especially in Accra.

Some of us are not depending on our parents anymore so we have to work and cater for ourselves and treating ourselves during Christmas is not part of it.

Most of us are still not over the pandemic too and have been getting a relapse of the anxiety and depression of the previous year.  Some of us too, our Aunties and Uncles said they will call us back so we are waiting for them. In fact, the system is hard for everybody and we are being faced with the reality that the cost of living is getting high per minute.

But see, December breeze or no December breeze, whether we have funds or not, we will enjoy this Christmas because it’s a wonderful time to be alive. Stay safe, we need y’all in 2022.  End the year with a bliss

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