Why Christmas Food Matters During Christmas In Ghana

Image of jollof rice food via cheflolaskitchen.com

December, we all know, is a turn up for everyone around the globe and it’s no different for Ghanaians – it’s a merry time for every single person.

During the festive season, we party our heads off. Most of the childhood memories that we recall are when we go to children’s parties with big dresses and shades just to dance, eat, come home and eat again, you see that thing.

So now, to the reason why we as adults still will never miss Christmas food, no matter where we are. Even now, Christmas is celebrated with the eating of these delicious dishes.

These meals are prepared right after church or throughout the day usually starting from 24th to 26th (hi to all dbees in the building) with the holy Mary spirit.

Every meal prepared is served with big meat to cool your heart from all the tiny meat you’ve been given over the year.  This food actually brings about family togetherness and that’s a vibe that lasts forever.

Christmas is all about merry. And these Christmas dishes are a Ghanaian ritual that we cherish so much.  

 As we end, let’s give a standing ovation to all the unknown people in the family as well as the uncles abroad who promise us things but never bring them, we see you all. We hope you enjoy your Christmas

Merry Christmas in advance to y’all peeps.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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