12 Days Of Christmas : The Ghanaian Dream Edition

We all know the 12 days of Christmas song where the writer talks about the gifts he/she got from their lover for the duration of the Christmas period. Won’t it be nice to have a few gifts everyday for 12 days just because it’s Christmas? Here are 12 gifts for the 12 days that every Ghanaian would like to receive for Christmas.

1. Free / Reduced Fuel Prices.

If Showboy announced free fuel or reduced fuel prices on fuel just for the period of Christmas, everyone will come out, fill their cars and even those with no cars will bring their utensils and galloons and fill them for storage. If the free water taught us anything, it is that nothing is ever for free in Ghana.

2. Affordable Housing.

Free the youth because if trains were working as effective as trotros and taxis, Accra would definitely be no man’s land. It would be nice to get a few affordable housing units as we enter the year 2022.

3. Reduced Taxes.

Around this time of the year, when you go out to eat with your friends and the bill is brought to you, how would it feel to see no VAT or service charge on the receipt just because it is CHRISTMAS!!

4. Free Visa to USA.

The population of Ghana would be 0.1% if this was to happen and the 0.1% would just be for formal purposes. Because if people have to crawl to get out of this place, they would do it without blinking.

5. Good Roads.

A Christmas wish that will save us all the extra costs of fixing cars thanks to the potholes and bumpy rides.

6. Better telecommunications.

This is a message directed at the telcos in Ghana who claim to have 4G. We beg you, we would appreciate it if the 4G you said you have actually works as 4G and not 3G connection with branding.

7. Sure Bet slips.

‘Tis the season to be jolly and what is more jollier than winning money you didn’t have to slave for. Santa cannot leave out the good boys of our Country. It would be unfair to not let them win a few odds here and there just because it’s Christmas season.

8. Reduced prices of goods and services.

This is the season where bag of rice, oil and chicken get expensive. Imagine shopping for your family’s Christmas feast and being told you can get two bags of rice for the price of one?

9. Free water and electricity.

We have been tricked before, but we can go through it again if it means we don’t have to pay bills in the 365-days long month of January.

10. Height for all short men.

Information reaching us is that the short men association have sent out several petitions for Santa to grant them their wish and we are still hoping this request will come through for them all. Stay strong brothers.

11. New Beard Gang Members.

Most men have tried it all. From the oil, creams and the herbs that people say is supposed to grow beard, all for nothing. A Ghanaian man somewhere is hoping to enter 2022 with some beard hair so people can stop looking at him like a kid.

12. 50-70% Instagram sales.

Women who have had items in their cart since the beginning of the year waiting on Christmas sales are quite disappointed with the recent sales on IG. How are these brands doing 10gh discount on items costing 150gh. What difference does it make? It would really be a wish come true if we had 50% discounts on items like wigs, shoes and bags.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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