WhiteMoney, Sweet Adjeley, Gyakie, KiDi And Others Are Bringing The Ultimate Christmas Experience To Around The World Food And Drinks Festival

Sweet Adjeley, WhiteMoney, and others attending Around The World Food And Drinks Festival

Christmas has always been the holiday season that gives people the opportunity to reconnect with their family and friends. It is the time of the year when one really kicks back to celebrate with the people that matter to them.

That is why finding amazing events for everyone during Christmas has always been necessary and now thanks to EchoHouse Ghana Limited there is just the perfect place where you and your family and/or squad can go and hang out to enjoy the festive season.

This year, EchoHouse Ghana Limited is hosting its maiden Around The World Food and Drinks Festival during the Christmas weekend of December 24, 25, and 26.

The three-day food and drinks festival, which will be held at the Polo Court in Airport City, near the Kotoka International Airport, will feature some of the most amazing culinary cultures from all corners of the world brought to life by chefs who have spent their lives ensuring that food cultures are preserved and improved.

In total, 500 culinary cultures from about 20 countries will be experienced at the Around the World: Food and Drink Festival. These are Ghana, Mexico, Jamaica, Italy, China, India, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Turkey, and Germany. Others include the United States of America, South Africa, France, Lebanon, Kenya, Liberia, Japan, Israel, Denmark, and the United Kingdom.

Though the food and drinks festival on its own has a lot to offer, while the fair is ongoing, a number of other amazing activities have also been planned with some of the most recognized names in the food and drinks industry, as well as, some well-known people in music and television.

For instance, Abeiku Santana, DJ Vyrusky, and friends are hosting a Christmas barbecue. Just bring your friends and they will handle the good vibes, the great grills and everything else. Abeiku Santana is going to make sure there’s no dull moment.

Also, Efya is bringing us a Christmas Eve experience like never before in Ghana. She will be reviving the true Christmas spirit, sing carols, and light up the biggest Christmas tree you have ever seen. It’s all about welcoming Christmas day with a night full of love, carols, and merry.

Then, with Kofi Kinaata and MensCook on the menu, they will be serving you a picture-perfect family brunch experience of a lifetime and then you have to bring your kids to our Santa Grotto so they move from breaking things to breaking smiles! Gifts, giggles, and goof galore assured.

In addition, if music is food for the soul, then you are about to get double the satisfaction. Experience music by top DJs and music artistes from around the world. Hosted by Kidi, get drowned in amazing music whiles you enjoy food and drinks. So here’s the assignment; grab the girls, look your flowery best and come grab some mimosas and food from around the world. Oo and we are dialing the boujie up by throwing in a paint session. Need we say more?

If you’ve been wondering how Whitemoney cooked his way to winning BBNaija then you can come and get your answers at the Around The World Food and Drinks Festival. You will be eating the best of Naija food, dance your feet off, and have an amazing time with your squad. Come learn how to make your favourite Nigerian dishes the real Naija way.

However, if you’re one of the millions of people who watch Sweet Adjeley cook, you can finally meet her. The deal is simple, you get to experience all of her warmth, infectious energy and finally a face you can put all that to.

But, WhiteMoney is not the only one bringing Nigeria to Ghana, Ify from Ify’s Kitchen will ensure that you taste a world of dishes and drinks that will delight your inner foodie. There’s nothing you’ll feel iffy about here, that’s for certain.

Lastly, picture this. Food and wine from all over the world, Gyakie singing live plus your favourite person in the world. Here’s the date night you daydream about when you want to go somewhere nice with your lover. Stop daydreaming and come live it up at the Around The World Food and Drinks Festival.

EchoHouse Ghana Limited, the organizers of Around the World: Food and Drink Festival bills the festival as a three-day festival for the foodie, the food-curious person, and a family or squad outing event during the 2021 Christmas weekend.

Visit www.atwfestival.com or call 0203235822 to book your passport and get ready to travel around the world in three days. This festival is brought to you by EchoHouse Ghana Limited in collaboration with the various embassies in Ghana, Kaya Tours, Prompt Communication, and Akwaaba UK. It is sponsored by, Coca-Cola, VIM Detergent, Lifebuoy, Lux, CloseUp, Annapurna, Sunlight, HD Plus, Frytol, Royal Aroma, VF Foundation, FNB, Vodafone, SmirnOff, Baileys, and Ecobank.

About Around the World: The Food and Drink Festival

This is a convention of the best cuisine from around the world meeting at one specific place. Various countries have their own amazing cuisine that tells the story of who they are and others are also curious to enjoy them. However, while some cannot travel, by human nature, people cannot be everywhere. That is why Around the World: The Food and Drink Festival is perfect to assemble the national cuisine for people in one specific location. The three-day event will be a melting pot of diverse cultures and people who just want to savour food from Around the World.

Source: Around The World Food And Drinks Festival

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