5 Easy To Get Items You Can Use To Protect Yourself As A Woman

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Better safe than sorry is the slogan for this December. Events and festivals will be running till late. Knowing how dangerous Accra already is, women must take extra care to protect themselves from those that prowl in the night. These easily accessible items might help you feel safer. Some them, you can even find at home.

A sharp pencil

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A pencil becomes a weapon in anyone’s hands if sharpened well. It’s very simple to transport, especially in locations where pepper spray and tasers are prohibited. Keep a pencil in your bag this season loves.

GPS Tracker

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Let your loved ones keep track of you and your movements. They’re easily downloadable as free apps from the PlayStore or App Store. We do not recommend this option if you have something to hide. Can’t be caught lacking babes.

Swiss Knife

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They can fit anywhere in your purse and are good for many other things. Does someone need to open a bottle of wine? Can be done with Swiss Knife. Look cool and deadly at the same time. Two for one!


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A good old electric shock is the ultimate “I’m not the one to mess with” signal. A single button is all it takes to shoot small lightning bolts down the attacker’s body. And the best thing is they come in pink!

Pepper Spray

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If you have ever rubbed your eye while you had pepper on your fingers you’d understand how painful pepper spray can be. It is carried by many women as a form of self-defense. It’s simple to transport and utilize. Caution must be taken though. You do not want to mistakenly spray yourself in the eye.

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