These Are All The Hilarious Types Of Students In Ghanaian Exam Halls

We all know that when that ‘start work’ hits in an exam room the outside world just disappears. The only thing that matters is the paper and the questions that will decide whether or not you pass the course. There are always different kinds of hilarious students when a paper starts. Which of these are you?

Those Who Won’t Leave Any Page Blank

Image via meme generator

These are always the scariest types of people to be in an exam room with. These people will be busy from ‘start work’ till the paper ends. They will be writing the whole and making you question all your life decisions up to that point.

Those Who Leave Before Time

This is the mic drop of the exam room. One person will finish their paper before everyone else and walk out as everyone watches and wonders if they are a genius or they gave up on the paper.

Team Extra Sheet(s)

University students writing an exams (photo credit: Ninoho Shot It)

“Excuse me, TA. I need an extra sheet.” Every single time there is one of these people in an exam hall the rest of the hall just wants to beat them. Especially the repeat offenders who ask for four extra sheets in a paper where some people have only used half of the booklet.

The Pen Chewers

Photo of students writing exams via Softpowernews

The Pen Chewers are the people Socrates of our time. These are the great thinkers. You can always spot these people chewing their pens as the great thoughts (that your lecturer will give a C or C+) pour out of them onto the page.

The Eye Contact Squad

Students taking an exam

The eye contact squad. These are the truly desperate souls. These people just want to make eye contact with someone so that they can get the answer to question 2. They don’t care if the lecturer might see and they certainly don’t care that you’ve already given them the answers to question 1, 3, 4 and 5.



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