GHC 1850 And Some Coins; The Makeup Saga

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Makeup. 2016 Instagram models and Kim K’s style of contouring made makeup a thing and a fashionable venture. By 2018, people had full-fledged careers as online makeup artists and you always saw “MUA” in their social media bios. Of course, the lucrative venture that is weddings also increased its popularity and demand and even encouraged self-acclaimed tutors on YouTube to dole out lectures on how to achieve the perfect glam using affordable but quality products.

Some of us learned how to draw the perfect brows learning from YouTube professors so, yeah, we are not mad about it. Women wanted the perfect look and social media offered people who gave those services. The prices were not so outrageous(I mean, some of them are but well) so no one really complained. It’s a service. You pay for art on your face.

Yesterday, Twitter made us know that there was difference between makeup and MAKEUP. I mean, the packages for a face beat cost GHC 1850 to GHC 15,000. GHC15,000 you say?! And when we protested, they calmly told us we were not the target market.

If you think this is jokes, take a look at the tweet for yourself.

Wow! Technically, they are not wrong but come on! GHC 1,850 for a face beat? Am I wearing it for eternity? You’re telling me a good dose of Micellar water on my cotton swab won’t clean it off? When we protested more, they replied with, “Well her clients are the likes of Samira Bawumia plus she’s a creative director at Maybelline.” I have no words. None at all.

Can we talk about the Terms of Agreement? Charging 100% cancellation fee? Not liable to any allergic reactions cause by face beat? The only thing that grinds my gears apart from the unconscionable contract is the grammatical inaccuracies in said contract! I mean, look at!

The responses to the tweet alone makes the whole thing exactly what it is- unreasonable. Either way, it looks like the average Josephine is really not the target market. I’m perfectly fine with my YouTube makeup gurus.



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