4 Christmas Memories We Definitely Miss

Every generation has their own version of what Christmas is like and each one thinks theirs was better. However, if you are between the millennial and gen Z, you would know Christmas is not what it used to be when we were kids. Here are 4 Christmas memories we definitely miss now.

1. Christmas Day Fufu.

Most families eat fufu every Sunday but there is something about that Christmas Day fufu that hits different especially when it’s chicken soup. This was the only time that you get more than one chicken on your food and if you are lucky, some family member will dash you their meat or ask you to finish their food with them.

2. Masquerades.

Remember when the stubborn kids were threatened with being taken away by what is commonly known as Kakamotobi. Recently however, we don’t even see them anymore. Wonder why.

3. Knockouts.

Most people will say knockouts are still in existence and people still do it. However if you are true 90’s kid you will know that it has drastically reduced probably because of all the noise it makes and how dangerous people say they are. But let’s face it, knockouts are fun.

4. Watching Christmas movies on GTV.

There was no Netflix at the time and it was quite difficult to download movies but guess what? GTV used to hold Christmas by the neck with all the Christmas movies like the Birth of Christ and Home Alone. So yes, put some respect on GTV’s name okurr??



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