5 Things That Every Last Born Ghanaian Child Can Relate To

It’s not easy being a child in Ghana. Imagine being raised in a place where manual labour and suffering are gifts that parents give their children. And then on top of all that, you’re going to be born the last born in your family? There are some things that all last born children go through in Ghana, and if you’re a last born you’re going to relate to these.

You’re Always The Child


When you’re the last born in your family, you’re always the child and nobody really forgets that. Imagine being a whole adult going out with your family and then being told to go and sit in the back seat because you’re the last born.

You End Up With A Lot Of Stuff

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Although you should try to avoid being the last born in most situations, it does also have its advantages. For example, when you’re the last born in your family, you always get the best clothes. Parents always spoil last born children and apart from that, anytime that someone gets new clothes that don’t fit they’re automatically yours.

You Get To Be An Uncle/Aunty Really Quickly

Another great thing about being last-born is that you get to be an aunt/uncle really quickly. When your siblings are much older than you are you get to be uncle/aunty to your married siblings children even while you’re still young yourself. You can be there for all the fun uncle/aunty moments while your siblings do all the hard work.

You Always End Up As Everyone Else’s Slave


Being last born means that you’re the de facto person who’s going to be chosen when any small tasks have to be done around the house. That aside, you end up being everyone’s go-to when they need to send someone. When your parents need to send someone you end up being the person that they call and then your siblings start piling on too.

You’re The One Who’s The Most On The Receiving End Of Momo


It’s not always fun being the last born but being last-born but it does have its moments. Being last-born means that among your siblings, you’re the one who’s most likely to be on the receiving end of momo alerts. When you have siblings who are already working you’re able to throw bills to them as well as to your parents.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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