4 Easy Hacks To Help Make The Most Out Of Your Free Grammarly Plan

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The queen’s English is hard and no matter how good you are, you’re usually walk face first into some very random walls in the language. Like is that word you’re typing spelt ‘ei’ or is it ‘ie?’ The convenience aside, passing documents that you’re sending to people through Grammarly also makes sure that you don’t send out typos and obvious grammatical flops because it’s hard to notice mistakes in your own work. You can get a lot out of Grammarly even on the free plan. Here’s all you need to do:

Upload Your Documents With The Web App

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

The easiest way to use Grammarly for your documents is by using the web app. All you have to do is visit app.grammarly.com sign in with Google and you’re ready to use the online service. Here, you’ll upload a document for Grammarly to check, and then you can download the document again once the job is done and your document is looking like a 10. There are limits on the free plan, but the result is still good enough that you won’t have to consider paying for Grammarly for a long time.

Download The Extension For Your Browser

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Another way to use Grammarly is by downloading their extension for your browser (click here for Chrome and click here for Firefox). Setting up the extension is straight-forward, and once you’re done anytime you type in your browser you’ll get Grammarly suggestions (on Twitter, Facebook, Google Docs, WordPress and wherever else you’re typing).

Get The Grammarly Keyboard On Your Phone

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If you want access to Grammarly on your phone, that’s possible too. Just search the PlayStore or your App Store and you’ll be able to download the Grammarly keyboard. Once you have the keyboard installed, your English assistant will be there whenever you’re typing on your phone.

Install Grammarly On Your Computer

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Finally, you can also install Grammarly on your computer. The floating icon in all your apps can be annoying to get used to, but once you do get used to it, you can use Grammarly anywhere with ease (think all the Microsoft Office apps) and any other editor window on your computer, no matter where.

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