8 People Share Their Wildest Troski Moments

Just when you think you’re going to have a nice day, Trotro drivers and their mates will stress you tf out before they deliver you to the office. We would start a support group but then you would have to take a trotro to get there. So instead, we talked to 8 people and they shared their wildest moments taking a trotro so you know you’re not alone.

It was over 10ps change, the mate refused to give me my change and when I confronted him, he hit me with the “I can’t even build a house with that” in twi😂
Luckily, I got the trotro aunties involved, who reprimanded him for being rude to me so he was forced to give me my change.


It was literally raining outside and inside the car, everywhere was leaking so this uncle had to open his umbrella inside the car. Wild bro 😂


From Tema to East legon, all I asked for was a cool drive but this preacher and Jehovah witness won’t let me have it. Apparently, the preacher was bashing the Jehovah witnesses for their practices, by the time I noticed, blows were flying from the back to the front chale 😭


Just this morning, the preacher was sitting behind me, he condemned Christians for not living a “Christ-like life” only for him to bash technology, make up, a-boy, anklets, human hair and the one that touched me “dyed hair”. Uncle, if you want to talk to me, talk to me directly 💀


35mins to the drive, the car stopped. The mate and the driver moved to the back to do only God knows what. After some minutes, the car started to reserve, Yie where is the mate and driver? Nowhere to be found, the mate sitting at the front too had no idea of what to do. Jesos I’m ready come for my soul 😭
You should have seen how the driver was trying to jump into the moving car, what in the Indian movie is this? 😂
So the long and short of the matter is that, they were short on fuel and didn’t know how to break the news to us 🤦🏾‍♀️


Two women were having a relationship convo and the mate turned to give them an advice and bro!! He spoke fluent English (no offense). We were all shocked!
After he took her number, 100 ways to shoot your shot 🙈😂


Monday night on the lapaz stretch, the private car crossed the trotro driver and instead of him to apologize, he insulted the driver. The two mates were about to get down from the car to go beat the private car man but they aunties stopped them. About 10 km, the man in the private car stopped to come and fight with a piece of steel or metal. Ei 😲
The adrenaline that made me jump out of the car, up to now i don’t understand how I jumped from the car to the pavement 😭
Las las I entered the car when the fight was over but this mummy kept on narrating the story to every new person that enter the troski 😂🤦🏾‍♀️


Just like how we all hustle for cars at Shiashie, charle the way this man pulled this girl to enter the car! Herh her wig seff came off 😂
It wasn’t even funny, she just walked off


If you don’t have a wild trotro story, then you’re definitely not a trotro regular.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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