5 Alternate Ways To Get To Work If Troskis Don’t Operate

If yesterday taught us anything, it is definitely that nothing lasts forever, not even the Imperial leather sticker on their soap. Who would have thought that trotro drivers would abandon us on a Monday morning and openly mock our morning voyage to our various workplaces while bumping tunes.

We never want to be caught unawares like that ever again, because if troskis can leave us stranded, what in the world can ever stay by our side forever? Here are 5 alternative ways to get to work if these troskis decide to show us pepper again:

1. Binge Watch Harry Potter and Purchase a Long Broom.

Luckily for you, these brooms are commonly used in Ghana, therefore no eyebrows would be raised at you getting one. While binging Harry Potter, make sure to write down the spells and practise frequently so that as soon as these commercial drivers start to flex on us, you can just fly above all the Accra Sahara and get to work.

2. Mention your destination 3 times and turn 360.

Have Kyeiwaa and Maame Serwaa taught you nothing? How can you be a descendant of such great power and you are struggling with mere mortals, walking in this hot sun going to work? What did you think was the moral lesson of all those Kumawood movies you watched? You can really do better dear.

3. Start Gyming Your Legs.

If nothing is working for you so far, the best thing would be to start gyming your legs. In the not-so-off chance that a crisis like this occurs again, you will be packed and ready to move because just your legs can carry you from Oyarifa to Circle.

4. Trade in your salary for a plane.

Even your boss won’t walk from Kasoa to Lapaz for work, but a common floor member like you wants to. Incoming boss, since you are so serious about your job, why not trade in your salary for a plane.That way, not only do you avoid the uncertainty on whether the troskies are dependable or not, you also skip all the unnecessary Accra traffic.

5. Sleep.

This is the best solution because if you live in Oyarifa and your workplace is close to Circle, are you going to walk or will you order a ride with the 100gh left in your mobile money account? Let’s be serious dear, the work is not for your father or mother.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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