3 Networking Tips For Introverts That Will Help You Make Important Connections After School

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When you’re an introvert a lot of things that people take for granted don’t come as easy to you. For example, when you’re doing an internship or you’re started your national service you might notice that your extroverted colleagues find it easier to have casual conversations with management and supervisors. If there actually was a new job opening at the company, how would you be able to compete with someone who is constantly cracking jokes with management? If you’re introvert, there are still ways that you can network and stay in the competition for professional opportunities.

LinkedIn Is Your Friend

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LinkedIn is one of the easiest ways to make connections after school, especially if you’re an introvert. One of the things that turns people off when it comes to LinkedIn is the fact that so many people have stories where they used it and things didn’t really work out. If you’re using LinkedIn in Ghana, there are specific things that you need to know to make it work for you.

A Ghanaian Twitter (@_shorshor) user shared a detailed thread of how she found career success using LinkedIn.

Don’t Be Afraid To Slide In People’s DMs

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Another great place to network is Twitter. Although, it might not seem like it at first because all trending conversations are usually about which gender is trash or not, there are actually a lot of people with professional accounts that are open to helping graduates find their place in the professional world. Once you find and follow Ghanaians in the field that you’re trying to get into you can reach out and form connections.

When you’re sending a DM to someone you’re hoping can be a career mentor, you need to send a good introductory message and let them know why you’re interested in a relationship with them.

Network With People Who Are In Your Age Group

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If it’s harder to reach out to more established professionals, try starting out by networking with people closer to your age. These people will usually have information that will be relevant to you in your job search. And the bonus is that they’re going to be easier to talk to.

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