Humor On Ghana Twitter While Accra’s Streets Turns Into A Spacious Gym

Stranded passengers. Photo credit: @Infobasenetwor1/Twitter

Today, the first working or school day of the week, has been quite eventful and stressful for a lot of people.

Whether they were aware of the strike action announced by the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) over the weekend or not, getting hit with the realization that there is no vehicle to convey you to either school or work can be a rude awakening.

Some had it when their vehicles were stopped by wood-wielding angry drivers and mates who had decided that no commercial bus would operate this morning.

Any attempt to defy the strike action is violently crushed by them in a manner that sometimes posed a danger to the passengers, drivers, and other bystanders.

However, while many were going through the traumatic events of today, Twitter was also finding its own way of dealing with the trauma – humor.

As it is characteristic of the platform, a lot of Ghanaians took to humour to deal with the sad events of earlier today.

NBS body pains tomorrow.

Fuel is expensive, please.

Health walk is good or?

4More to do….

We stand against all forms of discrimination.

Please, did you get there?

The true meaning of foot soldiers.

We want an update on this.

We conveniently forgot this.

One this is a fact – the last couple of months have been outdoing each other.


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