5 Classic Movies To Binge This Holiday Season

Holiday Classics as a genre is very weird. There are some movies that are holiday movies and it makes sense to put them on at Christmas. And then there are also movies that have made their way into the holiday classic hall of fame through sheer audacity. The movies that are not technically even holiday movies but that the holidays are always much better with than without.

Home Alone

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Once it’s Christmas day in the McCallister house it’s hard not to feel the Christmas spirit in real life. One of the most impressive things about the Home Alone franchise is how Kevin keeps finding different ways to get separated from his family over the holidays. That aside, the wholesomeness of Home Alone makes it great to watch if it just doesn’t feel like Christmas yet.

Die Hard

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If you’ve never watched Die Hard as a Christmas movie then you have no idea what you’re missing out on. This holiday classic (because make no mistake, it is a holiday classic) now has 5 movies in the series. If watching Bruce Willis kick some ass even though he should have already died 5 times isn’t what Christmas is about then you’re spending the holiday wrong.

Harry Potter

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Harry Potter serves so much during the holidays that make it a Christmas classic. Apart from the literal magic, there is also the fact that it’s a movie about an orphan boy and the family he finds for himself. Harry Potter really captures the wholesomeness of Christmas.

Lord Of The Rings

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If your Christmas movie recommendations aren’t at least 3 hours then we don’t want them. Lord of the Rings is another movie that probably wasn’t intended as a holiday movie but ended becoming one of the best ones anyway. Epic battles and music, a heartwarming storyline and Legolas make this a top contender movies that you should be watching this Christmas.


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We’re so glad big-buster action films took over Christmas because can you imagine anything more fun than watching Transformers loudly in the morning during holiday season? When you’re watching Transformers during the holidays though, you have to know when to stop because not all of those 7 movies are good.

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