4 Ways You Can Avoid Traffic This Christmas

traffic jam
Traffic Jam in Accra image via GraphicOnline.com

Christmas in Accra always means one thing. No, not gifts, we don’t live in an American movie. In Accra, the one constant is traffic! As long as you have somewhere to go in December in Accra, you are going to sit in traffic and it won’t be fun. If you want to make your Christmas experience better this year then you just need to avoid the traffic by doing these things:

Stay Home

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Before you leave the house for anywhere this December, there is one very important question that you have to ask yourself. How important is the thing that you’re going to do? If the answer is not ‘a matter of life or death’ then just grab your blanket and sleep. Life is too short to spend your precious minutes in Accra traffic.

Leave The House 2 Hours Earlier

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Wherever you’re going, if it’s important enough, then you have to budget some additional time. Leave the house an hour or two earlier than you usually would and you might make it where you’re going on time. If wherever you’re going is not important to leave two hours earlier then refer back to point number one.

Take An Okada

Okada Riders

These things are not safe. A helmet won’t be offered unless you ask. They are slightly more expensive than taking an Uber and many times more expensive than trotro but they will side-step all the Accra traffic like nobody’s business. Unless of course, you make the mistake of going to Accra Central and then even you and your Okada will join traffic.

Walk Or Run There

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You know that new year resolution you’re making to work out? No time like the present. Just start now. Instead of finding a car to take you to the places that you’re going to, just put on some sneakers and start your journey on foot. People survived before cars were invented. You can do it too.

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