4 Things To Do If Your University Professor Doesn’t Like You

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If there’s ever an appropriate time to kiss ass it’s with your university professors. You really don’t want the person responsible for the grades that will determine your GPA not liking you. So when you see start seeing the signs that the professor for a course you’re taking doesn’t like (and they also know your name) then it’s time for some drastic action. Here are 4 things to do if your university professor doesn’t like you.

Make Sure That It’s Not In Your Head

Sometimes you might feel like a professor doesn’t like you when in fact they’re just being themselves. Talk to other students in your class to see how they’re being treated as well. If it’s not personal then just try and survive the course. You won’t have most professors for more than a semester or a year.

Stop Going To Class Late

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If you’re getting to class late all the time then you don’t need to look too far to figure out why your professor doesn’t like you. Yes, it’s drastic, but you can try setting an alarm so that you wake up earlier to score some points with the source of your grades.

Contribute In Class

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If your professor doesn’t like you, the easiest way to buy their affection is by contributing in class. All you have to do is read a page or two before something is taught in class and you’ll be able to contribute at least one thing. After that, some small greeting here and there and what do you know? You’re one of their favourite students.

Give Up And Pray For The Best

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If you’ve tried everything and your professor still doesn’t like you then the last thing that you can do is just give up. Just go to class and avoid trouble. It’s not like they’re going to fail you in a paper you passed just because they don’t like you.

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