4 Ways To Save Money This Detty December

No, this is not a trick article. January, as we have experienced many times, is 365 days long and it would be a shame to make it to a new year, only to die of hunger because you used up all your funds in #DettyDecember. Here are 4 sure ways to save money for the upcoming year.

1. Break up with your girlfriend.

The truth is hard to hear, but it has to be said. The only way to avoid unnecessary spending and unforeseen expenses is to break up with your partner. No one would be calling you asking “oh what are we doing this Christmas”, if you are single and minding your business. You can stay in your room and Netflix with your sari soakings and no one would know. If you need help with how to, as usual, we got you; 5 Ways To Get Your Ghanaian Girlfriend To Dump You Just For December.

2. Block all your friends.

Everyone knows that it’s best to stay away from temptations because once you come face to face with it, you may not be strong enough to run away. Your friends are going to force you into coming out with them. They would say all the enticing things and when you are not budging they will start sending enjoyment streaks. Bare in mind, in the 136th day of January, you will be hungry alone.

3. Deactivate your socials.

It doesn’t just end with your friends. Imagine logging on to twitter and seeing everyone talk about how much fun they are having? Meanwhile you’ve just been home binging Home Alone. You have to stay away from all that negative energy.

4. No Purchase, No Tax.

If you are trying to save money then we must go all the way. Holidays mean no work, which means you are home for the major parts of the day. You are going to be tempted into ordering food at home, which mostly means Mobile money transfers. With all the talk around the e-levy, we are not trying to do that now, are we?



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