4 Things Ghanaians Absolutely Hate When They’re In The Kitchen

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If we’re being honest, spending time in the kitchen isn’t as bad as people usually make it out to be. In fact, if you have some music playing it can be one of the more fun ways to pass some time and destress. However, when you’re in the kitchen there are certain things that other people do that will make you so mad for reasons you can’t even explain.

Being Told To Go And Do Something (Anything) In The Kitchen


Spending time in the kitchen can be enjoyable, but only if no one tells you to. The minute that someone else tells you to go and cook or to go and do the dishes entering the kitchen loses all fun. It only gets annoying at that point.

When Someone Else Enters The Kitchen

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It can feel so invasive when you’re busy in the kitchen and then someone else enters for whatever reason. Somehow it just makes sense that kitchen time should be private and other people entering your space when you’re in the kitchen is one of the top most annoying things that can ever happen to you.

When You’re Washing Dishes And Someone Else Brings Theirs

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Doing the dishes in the sink requires a lot of mental preparation. So when you’re finally doing the dishes in the kitchen and people keep showing up and adding their plates it can be infuriating.

When Someone Tries To Give You Unsolicited Instructions


If you feel like you know what you’re doing in the kitchen and then people keep showing up to give you instructions it can make you want to scream. ‘Don’t do it like this,’ ‘do it like this.’ Nobody wants to be micromanaged in the kitchen.

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