5 Ways To Get Your Ghanaian Girlfriend To Dump You Just For December

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Every December event in Accra ends up being overpriced because they’re all targeted at the tourists coming or the Ghanaians who want to package. Things are even more expensive if you’re unlucky enough to be in a relationship in December. Unless you have generational wealth in your family the bank account will finish oo. That’s why you need to get your girlfriend to break up with you, but only for December.

Start Comparing Her To Your Exes Every Chance You Get


‘My ex used to this,’ ‘my ex used to that’ and you’ll soon find yourself peacefully single. Even with this you have to apply sense otherwise you won’t have a girlfriend to go and make up with in January.

Respond To Her Messages With ‘K’


For every paragraph that she sends just spend one minute ‘typing…’ and then make sure that the only thing you send is ‘K’ or if you’re feeling brave ‘Kk.’ She will block you (no doubt) but people have come back from worse. In January, you will just send an email with your apology.

Insist That She Should Apologize When She’s Wrong


We make so many jokes about Ghanaian women and apologies that it’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that they’re just jokes. They’re not oo. In fact, if you’re trying to find yourself single this Christmas, all that you have to do is insist that a Ghanaian woman apologizes to you.

Start Leaving Comments On Other Girls’ Instagram Posts


Make sure you go on her page and find out which girls she’s following. Then you can go and leave ‘Yass Queen’ on their posts. Her response time will be 0.005 seconds and your relationship will be over.

Go Out To Eat Without Her

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We put this at the end because it’s the nuclear option. If you want her to end the relationship just go out and get some food to eat without her and post it on your stories with plenty emojis in the caption. Just barb that there is on relationship after you do this.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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