5 Hilarious Things That Every Ghanaian Does When It Comes To Money

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Most Ghanaians have a weird relationship with money but we swear it’s not our fault. You try having a normal relationship with money when your president gives you free amenities only to tax you for them later. Anyway, that’s besides the point. These are some of the weird things that Ghanaians do when it comes to money.

Telling People That You’re Broke When You’re Not


If you live in Ghana then there is no way that you don’t have this defense mechanism. Whenever someone says that they’re broke you also start telling them how broke you are and all your latest expenses. If you slack and don’t do this 10 out of 10 times the conversation ends with the person giving you their momo number for some coins.

Finding The Smallest Excuses To Spend All Their Savings


Saving money is the most unnatural thing for the Ghanaian youth. As in, see all the enjoyment happening around and then choosing to keep your money in some empty room at a bank instead? It couldn’t be a Ghanaian youth. Whenever there is a small chance, they will transfer all their savings for enjoyment purposes. Stressed? Spend money. Heartbroken? Spend money.

Trying To Find Money In Unlikely Places


There are different stages of being broke. When you get to the stage where you find yourself looking for money in pockets of clothes that you’ve thrown into the washing basket then you know that things are critical. Some people will even go looking underneath the cushions of chairs in their house.

Going Through Your Contacts To Find People That Owe You

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There is no better feeling than remembering someone owes you some 200 Ghana when you’re broke and sad (obviously sad because you’re broke). That’s why even if you don’t remember lending money to anyone you’ll go into your contacts and see if there is some unlucky soul that owes you that you can go and harass.

Trying To Trace The Money That Left Your Account Like That Will Bring It Back

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Post-spending clarity (patent pending) is what happens after you’ve spent all your money and you realize that you’re broke. At that point, you start calculating every single pesewa that has left your account as if that will bring the money back. Of course, you’ll tell yourself that you’re going to make better decisions next time but we all know that when the money hits your account you’ll forget all of that.

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