4 Reasons Why Ghana Twitter Hates Some Ghanaian-Authored Books

There is not a single topic that would not come up on Ghana Twitter. You would think the conversations usually revolve around gender wars, football and music, but it would surprise you to know that just this past week, the issue of creative substance in Ghanaian-authored books. Here are 4 reasons why a Ghanaian tweep would think twice, maybe three times, before picking up a book written by a Ghanaian.

1. The title.

The saying to never judge a book by its cover definitely did not include the titles because you can literally tell what the entire story is going to be about just by the title. Imagine a title like “The Wicked Step Mother”, do we already not know what the book is about and how it’s going to end?

2. The cover photo.

It really makes you wonder if someone used photogrid to design and that became the cover page for book. Are there no graphic designers in the country? or do some of these writers refuse to budget for graphics. In Fellan Makafui’s voice, “We can’t take this”.

3. The predictable plot.

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If the title doesn’t give it away, just read the first page and you will know all that the story is going to about because there is no suspense, no winding twists, just the usual prodigal child, the good will win in the end stories.

4. The forced inclusion of moral lessons.

There is no way for you to finish reading a book without learning a moral lesson or two. Some Ghanaian authors do not believe in reading a book for the sole purposing of enjoying it because they must preach to you whether you like it or not.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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