4 Common Themes In Ghanaian-Authored Books

Although there are quite a number of people who love to read in Ghana, the average Ghanaian is not particularly a studious reader. Recently however, a conversation sparked on twitter concerning books written by Ghanaian authors, specifically, Peggy Oppong and several tweeps expressed their disinterest and displeasure in Ghanaian-authored books. Why? Because for most of these books, just by reading the epilogue of the book, you can tell the entire story and how it ends. Here are 4 of the most commonest themes in Ghanaian- Authored books.

1. The Prodigal Child.

Ghanaians are very religious people, so of course their belief in religion and morality would play a major role in the type of content they churn out. In every Ghanaian story, there is a prodigal child of either a pastor or a rich man, who engages in all sorts of promiscuous activities and then loses everything and comes back home, not alone though, with two or three kids as proof of their bad b*tching activities.

2. The Wicked Step Mother.

There is always that book that starts out with the death of the mother and a father who isn’t really looking but ends up finding love, as if it’s that easy when most people are still gnashing. He finally brings her home and of course, she only acts nice in his presence but pours hot water on the kids and beats them with bankuta when he leaves for work. Eventually, she convinces the father to let them drop out of school and then the story continues.

3. The Orphan.

As said earlier, Ghanaians will never miss a chance to preach religion to you. Authors will let these orphans go through hell and high water and when they find money in a bag, instead of them to keep it and enjoy themselves, they will spend their lives looking for the owner because according to the authors, that is the only way their lives can change.

4. The Gold digger.

The gold digger character in these books, who clearly saw the vision before any of us did, would be chilling in life, only to be tricked by someone so that they can change their “gold-digging” ways.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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