6 Types Of People You Will Meet At Jams In Accra This December

Cropped shot of two attractive young girlfriends dancing together while partying in a nightclub. Image via istockphoto.com

December is here oo! We can hear the bells for jams playing already. Artists are in the studio polishing December bangers, Abrokyire people are buying their tickets to come and take the Accra enjoyment they’ve been promised, and we the locals, we’re finally readying to break open Susu boxes for a DETTY December.

When you’re out in town chilling this Christmas, you will meet so many different characters, and we mean characters. This academic document will prepare you beforehand. Types of people you will meet at jams in Accra:

The Ones With A Curfew


This type is usually in your own friend group. How can you go to a whole December jams and have to leave by 10? 10pm oo. You don’t go for jams with these people as just the two of you. That’s how they’ll spoil the party for you because you don’t want to be alone at the event.

The Ones That Feel Too Big To Dance

Some people also go to jams and … they don’t jam?? Why are you going out and paying obscene amounts of money to get into places if all that you’re going to do is sit and watch other people have all the fun?

The Ones Who Won’t Stop Dancing

dance meme
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And then there are also the opposite people. The people who understand only enjoyment. These are the people that know every single song that the dj will play, will sing along and do all the accompanying dances like it’s a take-home exam.

The Ones Who Don’t Know Any Lyrics But Will Sing Along To Any Song

The Wedding Party Meme via memes.zikoko.com

Some people also want do the ‘henjoyment’ and the fact that they don’t know the current trendy songs is not going to stop them. They will show skills no matter what song is playing even if they haven’t heard it before.

The Ones Who Want To Record Every Event That They’re At

You might get annoyed when you go out with certain people and all they do is record things. These are the people that record everyone and everything. What you might not know is that all the videos that they’re taking are for the homebodies, the ones who no dey go December jams. So next time they point their phone at you just show something small for the people who are the in spirit.

The Couples Who Will Do All The PDA In The World


Nothing dey bore pass being single and being at an event with your boys or your girls and meeting some random couple who has made it their mission to make sure that every one at the event knows that they’re a couple. Let’s be honest the only reason that they’re annoying is because you’re jealous but seriously though, why can’t they take their love somewhere else?

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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