5 Reasons Why Return Day Is Always Embarrassing When You’re Going Back To School

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When you’re going back to school after being home for a while there’s always some excitement in the air. However, that excitement all dies the minute that you actually get to school and it’s replaced by embarrassment. The reason you’re embarrassed? Oh, there are a lot of different reasons to be embarrassed when you’re going back to school after the long vac:

You’ll Be Sweating Like A Mule In Front Of Your Crush


People *girls* always pack so much when they’re going to school. They forget that they’re the ones going to have to carry the stuff to their room. That’s how they’ll get to school and be sweating like someone is paying them for it. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, the worst thing that can happen is when you’re drenched and that’s when your crush will be passing by at that very moment.

Your Roommate Will Disappear With The Key


Most sensible people text their roommates when they’re going to school. But not even that can save them from their roommates disappearing and leaving them with stranded in front of their rooms with all their things.

When Your Parents Insist On Coming To Your Room To Meet Your Friends

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Some people have parents who are okay not being a part of every single aspect of their lives. And some people have helicopter parents who feel like they have to meet and vey everyone that their child is associating with. These are the parents that will just show up and be advising your friends. Talk about embarrassing.

You Have To Walk Across Your Hall With Two Bags Of Toilet Paper

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We all use the washroom but there is something uniquely embarrassing about carrying bags of toilet paper to your room when you’re moving back into school. Every time you notice someone noticing you, you die a little bit inside.

You Have To Fight Over Your Own Bed With New Roommates

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If some of your roommates finished the previous year, you’re going to move back into school to go and meet new roommates. Sometimes meeting new roommates isn’t stressful at all, but other times, you’ll get back to your room and realize that some new Level 100 student has taken your bed on the bottom bank and is expecting you to climb up. The audacity.

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