This Is Every Single Type Of Person That’s On Your Social Media

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Social media is such a weird place, man. In the same breath that you have people preaching that the end is near, you’ll also have people fighting the noble fight and preaching orgasms for everyone. Needless to say, there are some weird characters on social media. And if no one comes to mind, then you’re probably the weird character on your social media.

Here For A Meme Time Not A Long Time

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There are some people who only use social media for the memes. These are the enlightened people who don’t involve themselves in the petty squabbles that go on on the TL. They just retweet memes and choose peace every single time.

Team Always On My Grind Aka Team Advertisement


In 2021, everyone is on their grind and living the hustle culture. That also means that some people’s social media is dedicated only to running ads for their various businesses and money making moves. Support your friends’ businesses means not scrolling past Team Hustle Culture’s posts. Instead, engage and share their content so that they can reach their customers.

Team Konkonsa

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Being Ghanaians, you know we love to know what’s happening with other people and Ghanaian social media does a good job of serving quality some tea. Team Kokonsa is the people who grab chairs whenever they see some drama brewing on the TL. Their Kokonsa skills are also so honed that they can usually tell when drama is coming from far away.

We Are Mature


Mature people on social are the people who need everyone to know that they’re mature. They only post motivation quotes from certified billionaires (even millionaires don’t make it onto their status). Mature people also don’t put more than one post on their status at a time. How else would people know that you’re mature.

The Cyber Beggars

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These are the people with so much star power that people do whatever they say. These people are usually very beautiful or they’re famous. They post the places and foods that they want to eat on their status and people reach out to them to get them what they want.

The Chronically Horny

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This type of social media users see thirst traps and they jump straight into them. If you’re looking for how low men can sink, the chronically horny will help you find your answer. You can often find them leaving comments on women’s pictures.



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