4 Types Of People No One Wants To Meet On A Monday Morning

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So it’s agreed that Mondays are the worst? And then to add to the stress of a whole new week there are some types of people that’s it’s a pain to run into on a Monday morning. They will spoil the little peace you have in the morning before the responsibilities of new week come calling. These are 5 of those kinds of people. Avoid them for peace of mind on a Monday morning.

The Angry Mate Who Doesn’t Have Change

Commercial bus (Trotro)

The reason why it seems like mates are always angry is because people are always offending them. A mate will say he doesn’t have change and someone will suggest that he shouldn’t try and take their money. That’s why they’ll get angry and ruin what could have been a peaceful morning for you.

The Passenger Who Doesn’t Want To Believe That Fares Went Up Overnight

In this 2021 the number of times that trotro fares have gone up are like a bad joke. And every single time that the fares go up, there is passenger somewhere fighting with a mate. Thank you, Ghana government for making sure that there is always some drama in trotros on Mondays.

The Overachieving Coworkers

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When you finally get to the office and you’re trying to wrap your head around the fact that it’s Monday by sulking in your space, there is always that one coworker who is going to come and provoke you with their enthusiasm. These are the people who wake up excited about Mondays and feel like they have to share that nonsense with everyone.

Your Boss

baby meme
baby meme

Let’s face it, no one likes seeing their boss on a Monday morning. If you see your boss, it means work. Work on a Monday morning sucks and so your boss sucks by association.

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