4 Things About The Long Vac With Ghanaian Parents That Will Make You Cry

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

As annoying as school is, it provides much needed escape from our parents. You go to school and suddenly you’re free. You don’t have to walk on eggshells simply because you’re going out after 9pm. But then school work kicks our asses and makes us scream ‘Vacation!’ but the long vac is never what we imagine. These are four things about long vacs with Ghanaian parents that make every uni student want to cry.

You Have To Give Three Days Notice Before You Can Go Out


You want to go out and you’re telling them on the day? Are you even serious? Are you joking with the strictness of a Ghanaian parent? Or you don’t want to go erh?

Your Phone Can Not Die. Ever


The scariest thing that you can experience after being born is going out and forgetting about your phone for a few hours, and then coming back to meet 7/8 missed calls from one of your parents. That’s when you know the party is over. For you at least.

Always Being The First To Leave When You Go Out With Friends

Mr Eazi photo used as a meme on [email protected]_Serwaaa

When your friends are all proving how adult they are by casually staying out till after midnight you can’t even dream about smelling the 11pm air in town because you have a curfew. Big person like you.

You Want A Love Life?


Some people end up with very progressive parents who meet their children’s boyfriends and are at least aware of their children’s love lives. And then there is the rest of us. In university, you want a boyfriend? These are the same parents that will come and ask you of marriage plans after school.

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