So You Failed A Paper In Uni. Don’t Worry Your Life Isn’t Over

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There is a level of shock that most people go through when they realize that they’ve failed a paper. For some schools, you might be able to get away with an E but for other schools getting an E or F for the first time is enough to shake a student to their core. It means they’ve failed the course and they’ll have to resit the paper. It can feel scary, but here’s why you shouldn’t let it shake you too much.

If It’s A Mid-Semester Paper You Can Still Make It Up With The Main Paper

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If it’s a mid-semester paper that you’ve failed, it’s going to be that much harder to pass the main paper. However, the fact that you’ve already failed the mid-semester should motivate you to go even harder for the main exam. If you do well enough, you might just be able to avoid failing the course entirely.

You Would Be Surprised How Many People Have To Rewrite Papers

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Although failing a course can feel like a deeply personal L, what you would be surprised to learn is that more people fail courses than you might ever realize. You’re going to feel embarrassed, but it’s nothing that should get you too down.

You Need To Start Preparing For The Resit

Instead of instantly retreating into your feelings, when you fail a course you have to start preparing for the resit. That means going to your lecturer and asking for help if you need it and finding out the process you’re going to use to register for the paper.



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