5 Types Of People That We All Used To Hate In JHS

Charle when we were back in JHS it was a much simpler time. We just used to go to school everyday, hang out with our friends, run around, sleep and hate on all the annoying people. Oh, and back then there were a lot of annoying people. These are 5 of the most annoying types of people that most of us had to deal with back in JHS.

The Early Birds

The early birds are the type of people that you’ll go and meet in school on the days that you think you’re going to be the first to get to class. These people always show up early and have a perfect attendance. All your teachers like them, which also means that you and all your mates hate them.

The Ones Who Always Have The Whole Encyclopedia In Their Bag


There are also some types of people who show up to school with their bags looking like they contain all the knowledge that has ever been handed down in their family over the generations. Ei don’t you get tired from carrying all these books around?

‘Me I Don’t Eat From The Canteen’

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While some of us couldn’t wait to get to school to go and eat food from the school canteen, there were also some people who never even tasted the canteen food. These are the true dbees who only eat food that they’ve brought from the house. They’re also the people who bring Papaye to class and end up with a queue of people begging for a taste.

The Teacher’s Pets

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The teachers pets’ were always having private conversations with teachers, and honestly, even if the teacher was reciting the whole curriculum to them it wouldn’t take that many one on one sessions. These people are also always the ones who wrote the names of talkatives in class. So you couldn’t even pick a fight with a teacher’s pet because you would pay for it in lashes.

The Love Birds

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When we were in JHS, most of us just hid our crushes and told our friends about them. The love birds transcended all of that. These were the ‘ships’ that everyone (even the teachers knew about). The only reason that everyone hates the love birds is because, well, jealousy.

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