5 Things That Happen In An Exam Hall When You Realize You’re Failing A Paper

A teacher in class. Photo credit: Pexels

Failing an exam as it’s happening is an experience that everyone should go through at least once in their lives. It’s one of those things that you’ll go through and laugh about semesters later. Semesters later because during the paper when you’re writing and you realize that you don’t know the answers, that’s the highest level of discomfort anyone can go through. And as if that’s not bad enough there’s also a timer counting down. That’s why we all do these hilarious things when we’re going through it:

You Start Trying To Make Eye Contact With Anyone And Everyone


When you realize that you’ve travelled as far as you can on the paper you’re writing, you start looking around for a magical savior. You just want someone to make eye contact so that you can ask them for points for question 2. a. ii.

You Start Saying Your Last Prayers 😂


You know a paper is bad when you start praying. People will legit put their heads on their desks and start praying that what they’ve written on the paper is at least enough to not get a pass. Papers like this, when people pray, are legendary. These are the papers that people still talk about years later.

You Force Yourself To Start Writing Something When The Invigilator Looks Your Way

African hat/cap meme

As if the paper wasn’t going badly enough, some invigilator will start looking at you with the judgement of the whole world in their eyes. You can just hear them thinking ‘hwɛ nu, wan sua adeɛ.’

You Sleep

You think everyone writing a paper is the same as you but there are legends among us. That’s how you’ll just turn your head in the exam room and you’ll see someone who has fought the hard fight, has been conquered and has now just put their head on the desk to actually sleep.

You Pack Your Things And Leave The Exam Hall

Moving out meme

Exams is a lottery for most people. You procrastinate the learning to the last minute and you’re not able to learn so you choose what topics to leave. And then you pray to God that they don’t come. When you’re writing the exam and you realize that you’ve lost the exam lottery, it can be hard for some people. They can’t handle the fact that they just ignored the topic that is laughing in their face right now, so they get up and leave.

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