8 Hot Boy Essentials You Should Not Leave Home Without This December

Certified Lover Boy? That’s right.

Hot boy summer(more like hot boy harmattan) is starting. If you’re already a member of the club, you already know what you need. To the new members, here’s your hot boy summer starter pack:


Waves Brush GIF - Waves Brush Hair - Discover & Share GIFs

Stay fly, stay wavy. Don’t let the ladies see that receding hairline. Keep your brush on you at all times boys!

Earpiece or Airpods

You might genuinely enjoy listening to music or enjoy tuning out people in social settings when your introvert meter hits an all-time high. Either way, don’t leave your Airpods home.

Hand sanitizer

Anthony Adams Rubbing Hands | Know Your Meme

Can’t be caught lacking in this pandemic. Do not assume the event will have hand sanitizer, they almost always never smell that nice. Carry scented sanitizer, maybe a sweetwun might ask for it and strike up a conversation.

Face towel

When your in an Ikea and cant find the exit : r/DankMemesFromSite19

Whether you sweat or not, a face towel is not something you pass on. If you’ll be jamming at festivals and tings, understand that when we say stay drippy, we are not talking about sweat loves.


Need A Tissue GIFs | Tenor

Face towels are for draining sweat, tissues are for cleaning surfaces, and other times sneezing and blowing your nose into. Downside to using tissue on your face is you end up with tiny pieces of paper stuck to your face that you might be oblivious to.


Iphone users when someone takes out their powerbank meme - HindiBate.CoM

Charge your phone on the go. There are different power banks in different sizes and capacities.


Those Memes About How Bad We Are With Money Are Actually True, Study Says

In this life.. Have money. Looking at the fact that ‘any money wey you get na for enjoyment’, you gats carry schmoneeyyyy.

Emergency money

Memes – Because I No Get Money | DejexloadedDejexloaded

What will you do if you get stranded somewhere and have no money in your wallet? At least keep some money in your Mobile Money Wallet or keep Qwikloan on standby. You never know when you will need it.

Nose mask

When you forget your mask... | /r/CoronavirusMemes | COVID-19 Pandemic |  Know Your Meme

You might be refused access to events and parties without a nose mask. Make sure to keep one on you at all times.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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