5 Reasons Why Friends With Benefits Is 100% A Scam

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People on Accra streets are always trying to form enlightened. They will tell you that you can do ‘friends with benefits’ which despite the way that everyone will put it differently is just casual sex without strings. What they’ll forgetfully not mention to you is that the whole thing is a scam. Here are 5 reasons why:

Some People Go Into It Hoping It’s A Gateway For A Deeper Relationship

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Some people don’t go into friends with benefits arrangements because they actually want to be friends with benefits. They just realize that the only way to be close to the people that they like is to say that they can be friends with benefits. That’s when they start releasing their expectations slowly once the whole thing has started.

No One Tells You How Hard It Is To End It

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By the time you realize that the person you’re in a friends with benefits mess with is catching feelings, you’re already trapped. You want to end it because why are you having sex with someone who thinks it could be more when you don’t? Then the other side of that is if you end it too you’ll hurt their feelings and be the villain of the story.

You Have To Get Tested Even If They’re The Only One You’re With

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When you’re in a casual sex arrangement, you can’t really tell the other person that they shouldn’t see other people. And if they’re with other people there’s always a chance of catching something even if they’re the only one that you’re with.

You Will Still Get Billed

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When it comes to billing, feelings or no feelings there will be billing. Even friends bill friends when they’re not having sex, so how much more a relationship where you’re close enough to be giving each other orgasms.

They Will Still Get Jealous

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People are not robots and even if you say no feelings attached, seeing the person that you’re being intimate with, openly flaunting their ‘singleness’ is enough to make most people jealous.

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