4 Hacks That Will Make You Have Productive Study Sessions Instead Of Idling

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Learning in the university can go one of two ways; you will either be surprised at how much you’ve learned and feel invincible or you will spend the whole time distracted in thoughts or on your phone only to give up less than an hour later. There is no in between, and the first one is usually rare. If you want to make your study sessions more productive this semester, these tips are for you.

Don’t Miss Too Many Lectures In A Row, And Catch Up On The Lectures That You Miss

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Lectures are so important in the university but sometimes it’s difficult to tell because of how easy and fun they are to miss. When you’re in the lecture hall most lecturers naturally drop hints and tricks on what will come in exams and how to answer questions for them. When you go to lectures regularly and you’re learning, you just have a better idea how to learn for that particular course.

Use Past Questions To Narrow Down What To Learn

In Ghanaian universities, past questions are always gold. The things that you’re taught don’t change that much, and sometimes it’s even the same lecturers that have been teaching the course for years. Checking the past questions will let you know the kinds of questions that come often and it will help you narrow down the material that you’re learning.

Find A Group That You Can Learn With

Photo by Keira Burton from Pexels

Having even one ‘shark’ in your study group can change your whole destiny for that particular examination. These people usually know what areas are likely to come and even exactly the approach you should use to answer the questions when they come. if you don’t have a study group before your examination then you slack.

Take A Lot Of Breaks If You’re Learning On Your Own

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

If you’re trying to cover a lot of material, you might think that sitting in the same place for hours at a time cramming is the best way to go, but then the points will start mixing in your head. A better way to learn is to vanish your phone and focus for just a few minutes at a time (20/30 minutes if you can). Then wherever you reach, take a short break and rest. You can check your phone or even get a snack. Then you go right back to learning when your break is over. This makes it easier for you to study for longer.

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