Men, Here Are The 6 Clothing Items You’ll Definitely Need For Detty December

Get an umbrella guys! It’s about to get drippy.

It goes without saying that December money is a necessity but do you have December outfits? Worry less. You might already have some of these clothing items in your closet. In the event that you do not have these items, grab your copy now!

Here are the 6 surefire clothing items that will keep your fit game on point:

Crossbody bags

We underestimate the importance of crossbody bags because everyone knows that men have endless pockets on their clothes. Crossbody bags are the equivalent of you bringing your bag to your chest because you know you’re walking through the market at Ashaiman, Circle, or Madina. They keep your items right where you can see them and they make you look hella cool. It’s a two-for-one deal people.

Cuban necklaces and bracelets

Do we even have to explain how much a Cuban necklace can upgrade your whole fit? It’s honestly the little things that make the big difference.

Beach button up shirts

Cleavage? Yes! Looking like Pablo? Also a yes. Airy and comfortable? Undeniable yes! This December the scores are; Summer beach tops, 1: Accra heat, nil.

Jeans Shorts

Tattered jeans shorts might not be mother-approved but they are comfy and stylish looking and that is the goal for this December. The calves must be shown off!

A good taste in sneakers

There are different sneakers available on the market and you definitely need a pair or two. You know… at least a pair of basic Air Force Ones. At least.


Don’t give people the privilege of looking into your eyes and seeing that after December you might be eating gari soakings or a month. Stay mysterious.

Detty yourself this December but also look amazingly good while you do it. If not, what is the point?



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