6 Things That People Who Are Graduating From University Definitely DO NOT Want To Hear

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Graduating from university is a big transition. Although some people will continue their education, for most people it means transitioning from being a student to becoming an adult. And that transition is scary on it’s own but in Ghana people will also pass comments and say things that will make the whole thing that much worse. Here are 7 things that people who are just graduating from university literally do not want to hear.

You’re Graduating With First Class, Right?


You’ll struggle for the 4 years that you’re in university just to make sure that you don’t fail out of school and then you’ll be so relieved to find out that you’re graduating at all. That’s when someone will come to ask if you’re getting a first-class and spoil your entire mood.

Now That You’ve Finished School, When Are You Getting Married?


Like clockwork, Ghanaians will just expect you to start moving on to the next stage of life. When you’re not even sure that you want to get married at all, someone you’re not even close with will come and give you a deadline.

What Job Are You Going To Get With Your Sociology Degree?


It’s not just Sociology, when people find out that you’re getting a BA degree, they instantly start asking what job you’re going to do with that degree after school. Please, please, please. Joining the job market is stressful enough already without you having to explain every 5 seconds what your job search plan is for people who are not even going to help in any way.

What Is Your Five Year Plan?

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5-year plan? When I’ve just finished university? The only plan we have at this point is sleeping for like 3 months to recover from the trauma that is a 4-year university education in a Ghanaian school.

When Are You Going To Do Your Master’s?


The overachievers start working on their Master’s plans even before they’re out of school. For the rest of us though, if we haven’t brought up Master’s to you, we don’t want you to bring it up either. Some of us can’t wrap our heads around jumping straight into another degree after just barely surviving our first degrees.

Have You Put On Weight?

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After you’ve graduated and are back in your own home recovering from the university experience, and are finally beginning to feel like yourself once again, some people will have the audacity to come ask you if you’ve put on weight. It’s called happy weight, please.

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