5 Of The Hardest Things About The Transition From SHS To University

Going to Level 100 is one of the more exciting things that every Ghanaian student goes through in their life. It’s exciting because of all the fun stories that people tell about university.

Before you even enter Level 100 you would have heard stories of Pent Hall Week and Repu and those things always make the university sound like it’s going to be the best 4 years of your life. However, someone has to tell you that transitioning to university from SHS can also be hard. These are the hardest parts of the transition that you should watch out for.

You’ll Lose Touch With A Lot Of Your Friends From SHS

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SHS makes for a great bonding experience for most people. It’s difficult not to close to people that you’ve starved with and gone through the most stressful 3 years of your life with. When you’re still in SHS those bonds can feel like they would last forever but some people don’t even make it past Level 100 with their friend group.

There Is No Lights Out And People Don’t Sleep In University

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In SHS, you always hate it when compulsory ‘lights out’ comes around, but in University, you’re going to end up missing lights out. People don’t sleep in university, and that means the lights in your room are going to be on till about 2/3 am and if you’re unlucky enough to end up with a roommate who just doesn’t care, they might even keep the TV on or play some music.

Relationships Require Way More Effort In University

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When you’re dating someone in SHS you can send them one or two letters per semester and your relationship will be as strong as it can be. When you get university, the requirements change so much that it’s crazy. You have to take your girlfriend on dates, you have to spoil them and if you’re a girl you have to cook for your boyfriend and his roommates like you’re their mother. What happened to ‘you are the sugar in my koko,’ and all that other corniness being enough.

Lecturing In University Is Different From Teaching In SHS

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When you’re in SHS, there are usually only about 30 to 40 people in your class and your teacher can take his time making sure that everyone understands what he’s teaching. In university, it’s much much different. If you’re not lucky, your lecture hall might get so full that you’re forced to sit outside the lecture hall. Forget about asking questions when you don’t understand something you might not even end up being able to see your lecuturer.

Homework In SHS Is Very Different From Getting Assignments In University

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University assignments are given out for a week or weeks at a time. No, don’t celebrate yet. When you find out what goes into university assignments even the 3 weeks your lecturer gives you to do the work might not feel like enough.

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