7 Types Of Ghanaian Lecturers You’ll Meet In University

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If you’re in university, you have to prepare to meet all kinds of people. You might think that the most ridiculous characters that you’re going to meet are the other students, but no. The lecturers in Ghanaian universities are also quite the characters themselves and if you’re not prepared you’re going to be in for a shock. Here are all the different types of lecturers that you’re going to find in a Ghanaian university.

The One That Reads Slides Back To You As Notes

There’s a type of lecturer that comes to class just to read their slides to you, for you take it down as notes. When you spot this type of lecturer, you can usually avoid taking the notes altogether by trying to get your hands on a copy of the slides. The thing with this type of lecturer is that they guard their slides closely, but you can probably get them from your seniors or even from a TA.

The One Who Never Forgets To Take Attendance

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If you’re taking a course with this type of lecturer you can’t afford to miss even a day of lecturers. As much as that sucks, there is a silver lining. You usually won’t fail the course even if you don’t do too well on the exams simply because you showed up for the lectures.

The One With All The Stories About Their Life

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This is honestly one of the best types of lecturers that you can have. They can make a 2-hour lecture feel short because, after every few minutes of lecturing, they’ll start telling some stories about their own life. If you’re not careful though, they might not finish covering the curriculum before it’s time to write exams!

The Preachers

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We all know that Ghana is a religious country but what you might not know is that that extends even to your lecture halls. Just let the preacher type catch you wearing a short skirt or see a boy with braids/piercings and you’ll loose 30 lecture minutes to an impromptu sermon on the corrupt morals of our generation.

The Lecturer Who Is Just Too Cool

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Some lecturers are just so cool that they make you wonder what you ever did to deserve them. They teach in a way that is fun and easy to understand and they never take things too seriously. Oh, you missed an assignment? Just go and talk to them and they’ll pull your legs small but they’ll still let you submit. No one fails the cool lecturers class (unless, of course, they try very hard).

The Lecturer That You’ll Never See

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Some lecturers are not supposed to be seen. These are usually lecturers that share the semester with other lecturers. They might only take the class for 4 or 5 weeks and during those weeks you’ll see them just once or twice. If they don’t show up to class they’ll get a TA to cover or you might get that beautiful ‘Class Canceled’ message in your class group.

The Ones Who Come To Class To Market Themselves

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Some lecturers are also on their grind 24/7. They may have written a book and will come to class to try and sell you copies. This type of lecturer will also let the course rep take down the names of the people buying their book and these people will usually end up passing the course. Buy the book!

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