6 Tips For Getting Through University If You Don’t Like Your Course

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One of the biggest lies that a lot of us are told before we get to the university is that it’s easy. People will tell you that lectures are not compulsory and make it seem like the only reason you’re going to university is to have a good time. And don’t get us wrong, as far the different levels of education in Ghana are concerned, university is definitely the best place to have a good time.

As for being easy, it’s definitely not that. In fact, if you don’t like your course, university can also be pretty unbearable. here are 3 tips for getting through university if you don’t like your course.

Drop It As Soon As You Can

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In Ghanaian universities, you can’t change majors like in more developed countries, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a course you don’t like. You’ll have two opportunities to drop two of your courses in university. If there’s a course that you know you don’t like then drop it as quickly as you can. Most people don’t drop courses that they struggle with because some courses have a reputation for being more likely to get you a job. However, when you’re looking for a job after school the course that you did doesn’t matter as much as you might think that it does.

Find A Study/Friend Group

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You’ll have a much easier time getting through difficult courses in the university if you find a group of people that also do that course, and that you can study with. Apart from making things easier to remember for you, studying in a group also helps to reduce the anxiety that you might have about exams for a particular course.

Separate The Course From The Work

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Sometimes you might realize that you actually like a course, but you just have a problem with the way that it’s taught or how much course work you’re give. If that’s the case in your situation and this is a field that you would actually like to work in one day, then you’re just going to need to push through the coursework.

Get Chummy With The Course TA (But Not Too Chummy)

TAs can be life-savers in the university. They usually even explain things better than lecturers because you can approach them for one on one’s or in small groups and ask all the questions that you have. Some of them even organize ‘extra classes’ for a small fee. If you’re struggling with a course then you should definitely start getting close to your TA, but of course, not too close.

Balance Out Your Majors With Courses That You Like

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It can easily be depressing if all the subjects that you’re doing are courses that you don’t like. It’s usually a good idea to combine a course that you don’t like with one that you actually enjoy so that you’re not only doing things you don’t like. In the long run, this is also going to be far better for your GPA.

Turn Your Study Time Into A Game

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If you’re struggling to get behind the books for one particular course, then you can turn your study time for that course into a game. Use apps like Quizlet to make flashcards, treat yourself to rewards when you complete certain chapters and just add some activities that will make the course more fun for you.

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