5 Easy Ways To Identify Your December Sponsor

It’s less than two weeks for the annual #DecemberInGhana experience. Traffic is slowly building up, but not as fast as the prices of goods and services nor our taxes. Your 9-5 is not going to give you the chilling budget you need for December. Think about it, according to social media, even an “introvert” should not have less than 5,000gh cedis this December.

How are you going to make that money and have enough to survive the 200 days of January? We have a solution for you! Here are 5 ways to easily spot your sponsor because chopping someone else’s money is always nicer.

1. He must have Potbelly.

Most of these 6- pack men are unemployed and broke, so they are able to spend a lot of time at the gym. If you are busy making moves, international calls and staying up to date with stock numbers, what time will you have for the gym? However, You have to be careful with this condition, because some broke guys have potbelly now. The difference is, these broke boys’ potbelly usually angle at 30 degrees, however the proper sugar daddies have potbellies angling 90 degrees. The bigger the belly, the more the allowance you will get, so pick your poison.

2. He must have a man purse.

Wallets are limited in terms of width and cannot hold a bundle of money at once. Best believe if a man with a wallet approaches you, the highest denomination in his wallet is 50gh. Even the new 200gh note is longer than the average wallet length. Men with bundles of money prefer to hold these man purses because they can hold a lot of money at once.

3. He hardly uses social media.

From morning through to the night, he is in meetings with investors and clients trying to make more money. He would not have enough time update his status or post on Facebook or Twitter. His only free times, you would notice him reposting motivational quotes and business links. The only app he gets notifications from is LinkedIn.

4. His casual clothes are not so casual.

Invite him out to on a casual date one weekend and if he doesn’t come dressed in a polo shirt tucked in, with a belt and well-ironed trousers or shorts, you should definitely reconsider the relationship. If not, you will be wasting your time.

5. The type of content he posts.

The real rich people never post pictures of money they actually have. If you pay attention, all he posts will be throwback pictures of himself touring different parts of the world, usually with no caption or a shoutout to God. He would also post random crypto news and Facebook news concerning business around the world.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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