4 Big Brain Hacks That You Can Use To Ask Ghanaian Lecturers For More Time On Assignments

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The last thing that a Ghanaian university lecturer wants to hear is that you want more time on an assignment. It’s not like they’re going to grade the assignments right away but the fact that they’ll give you an extension dieer forget. However, that’s only if you’re thinking like a mere mortal. If you want to ask for an extension and actually get it, this is how you can get it done:

Don’t Ask After The Deadline

The first mistake that only amateurs make when it comes to getting more time on an assignment is asking after the deadline. And usually, this is what happens. Students spend the two weeks that they have for their assignment sleeping and then on the day of submission they’ll go and worry the lecturer for more time. The big brain move is obviously to ask for more time at least one week or some days before the deadline comes. You can easily convince your lecturer that you’re working hard on the assignment and that it’s just hard.


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You know what’s louder than one voice? All the voices of your course mates together. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get an extension on an assignment when the whole class is asking. And you know the best part? You just have to gather some of your boys/girls and go and talk to your course rep. You don’t even have to do the asking, and you’re much more likely to get more time when it’s the whole class asking.

Go Through Your TA

Another hack that you can use to get more time on assignments is finding a middleman to ask for you. That middleman is your TA. Since they’re much closer to the lecturer they’re more likely to get a ‘yes,’ when they go and ask. It’s also not that hard to befriend your TAs since the age gap is usually not that big and they’re more likely to be sympathetic since they also just got out of school.

Write A Very ‘Professional’ Email

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If you’re sending your lecturer an email to ask for your extension, you have to put all the packaging that you can muster into that email. Bring out the brofo that you keep for special occasions and make sure that you’re writing to impress. After your email, you can also volunteer to meet during their office to explain properly why you need that extension. If you write the email properly, they won’t even let you come to them, they’ll just give you the time you need.

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