Every Single Reason Why We Hate Mondays


Mondays have a bad reputation for being the absolute worst of the 7 days of the week. We’re here to tell you that that reputation is well earned, and Mondays actually do suck! Booooo! Here is every single reason why hate Mondays and why we’re right to.

You Have To Wake Up Early All Of A Sudden After Having No Schedule For 2 Days


If you don’t love the weekends, then we really don’t know for you. During the weekends, you can sleep in as much as you want and get that much-needed rest after a long week. The weekend can be so peaceful and good that when Monday comes around again it’s impossible not to hate the stupid first day of the work-week.

You Have To Sit In Traffic (Against Your Will)


Let’s not forget about the Monday morning traffic in Accra. First of all, you have to wake up early which is enough to make anyone irritable. But then, you also have to go and sit in traffic. Even if there’s no traffic, you’re going to take a trotro which is going to make 500 stops before it gets to where you’re going to drop.

You Need To Work And There Are No Excuses

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Getting up week after week (after week after week) to go to work is hard. And Monday is when that all starts. Sometimes remembering that you have to work on Monday can even spoil your Sunday evening.

Of All The Days Monday Has The Most Days Till It’s The Weekend


Remember the weekend? Ah, good times. But now it’s Monday and you have to take care of your responsibilities, and it will also take another 5 whole days to get to the weekend and the good times again. Tuesdays aren’t that rosy either, but at least on Tuesday, it’s only 4 days to the weekend (and that’s definitely better in our book).

Even Going Online On Monday Is Worse Compared To Other Days


Even scrolling through social media is worse on Monday because the week just started and everyone is still scrambling to get their shit together for the new week. Why are Mondays?

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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