4 Random Hobbies That You’re Definitely Going To Relate To

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Growing up, we used to have hobbies like going to visit friends, going out to play ball with neighbours and other fun outdoor activities. These days, however, with all the new innovations that we didn’t have growing up, we’re all starting to have the same rotation of hobbies. Here are 4 of those hobbies that you’re definitely going to relate to.

Switching Between The Same 3 Apps For Hours

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The apps have officially taken over. These days we swear it’s impossible to go a full day without checking Twitter or Instagram. Or Snap. Or Tik Tok. And these apps are super addictive that you can spend hours on them and not realize it. Plus, if you get bored, you can simply replace your current app with the next one on the list.

Not Speaking To Anyone For Days At A Time

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With how easy it has gotten to stay connected with people over the internet, you would think that relationships would have gotten easier, but no. We’re so connected all the time that it’s easy to overload and then find yourself needing to go offline for a while to recharge.

Listening To The Same Songs Over And Over Till You Get Sick Of Them

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For music lovers, it’s so easy to keep playing the same album/four or five songs over and over. When you like an artist, you want to support them by streaming their music, and it’s all the better if you love the music. But I just want to know why we play the same songs on repeat until we’re sick of them.

Having A Movie Playing And Using Your Phone The Entire Time

Movies are fun. Well, sometimes. Other times, they’re so long that it’s not hard at all to just reach for your phone and check your notifications. And then that turns into going on your favourite social media app.

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