4 Hacks To Get Your December Body In 2 Weeks

1.Find yourself a Ghanaian man.

What has this got to do with getting back in shape you ask? A relationship with a Ghanaian man carries all the stress and eventual heartbreak your body needs to get that December body. The heartbreak will also give you the needed motivation to jog around the streets of Accra just listening to Adele and crying your heart out. 

2. Take a risk and Bet your saving on Arsenal.

Has your heart ever beat so much at once that you feel dizzy and begin to sweat? The physical proof that you are actually gyming is the sweat that builds up after a work out. Once you come to terms with the reality that you just lost all your savings, that extra fupa weight will immediately leave your body. 

3. Stay updated with Ghana news. 

Imagine tuning in to the radio every morning hearing that the prices of petrol has increased, at the same time there is now additional tax on all electronic transactions. What other motivation do you need when your president is taking baths in jets?

4. Uninstall the Uber/Bolt/Yango apps.

As traffic builds up in Accra during December, so do these app prices rise. It will be good to uninstall them, for two reasons, the heat in trotro and Accra will help you get your body goals, also you get to save extra money for your December chillings. It is a win/win for everyone.

Source : Kuulpeeps.com


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