You Don’t Like Being Early Erh? Go And Take A Trotro

Trotros are the main mode of transport for many Ghanaians

Most of us don’t have cars and that’s why we end up taking trotros whenever we have to go to work or we have to go out, but if you’re reading this, we’re begging you, please find another way to get to the places that you urgently have to be. Fly if you have to … because, trotro will stress you out and you’d probably end up being late as well. You don’t like to be early right? Well, these 4 reasons will humble you.

The Trotro Driver Is Going To Do Something Stupid And Get Arrested

4Image of a woman sitting in a trotro. Source:

We live in a country where bribery is so normal that when a trotro driver gets arrested, the first thing that he does is take money from his mate to put in between the pages of his license. As a result, drivers do stupid shit. All of the time. The reason that you’re going to be late is that when your driver gets arrested, some police don’t take their bribe immediately. No, they have to make sure that the driver sweats at least a little bit.

If The Journey Is More Than An Hour Long, The Car Is Going To Break Down

Most of the trotros that we end up taking are on their last lives. One hit and they will turn into spare parts.

If you’re going on a long journey, just brace yourself for your trotro breaking down when you’re just halfway to your destination. Mostly, it’s either the engine has refused to start or there’s no water in it. If you’re lucky, the car will start up again. At this point, you have two options; get down to push or start thinking of getting another car because it will eventually break down again. If not, you’re going to be standing around a broken car for about 20 minutes before the mate decides to cut his losses and get you another car.

If The Car Isn’t Full, That’s An Automatic 30 Minutes Addion To Your Trip (At Least)

Commercial bus (Trotro)

Have you ever been in a trotro where you are the only one yet the mate is like ‘Madina last two?’ Masa you no reach! When you’re taking a trotro on your way to work you have to remember that the trotro driver and mate are also doing their work. If you want to be early, try to take a car that’s almost full. If there are a lot of empty space in your trotro, then just brace yourself because the car is going to stop at every single bus stop for at least 5 minutes per stop while the mate tries to convince people to go to places that they’re not even going.

The Driver Will Try To Dodge Traffic To Use Shortcuts, Only To End Up Taking Even More Time

Trotro drivers always think that they’re so slick. They know a lot of shortcuts, so every time that there is even a little traffic, they’re going to try and find a shortcut that gets them around the traffic. Almost every time, these shortcuts will have you bumping your head against car seats and windows. And oh, by the time he gets back on the main road the traffic sef no dey again.

We bet most of you go through this trotro stress daily and can relate to this. Sending you virtual hugs cos we share your pain



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